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VERONICA Artist & Artesana


Veronica Perez is a MeXicana artist that draws on her experiences, identity and ancestry as forms of strength and creativity.  She employs a keen command of color to portray historical images and a unique brand of iconography rooted in her Mexican and Indigenous culture. 


Through her work Veronica offers representations and stories of indigenous pasts, present day issues and future concerns which often go unaddressed.  She shares her visions and stories from a personal perspective to highlight the dignity and resilience of people.  Each piece is created as a reminder that art is a form of empowerment, activism and education.   


Veronica has assisted in creating various community murals around Salt Lake’s West Side. She enjoys sharing her work and stories with community and youth in an effort to promote the importance of art and culture.  When she is not painting, Veronica is creating modern renditions of traditional folk art which have been selected to be a part of local events.